PDMWorks Problem

Hey all,
I'm new to PDMWorks, and really having a basic problem.
I have just installed it with SolidWorks 2005 Office Pro, but when I bring
up PDMWorks there is no menu just icons. I get the impression reading the
docs that there should be a menu. I am just trying to get started creating
some projects and checking in all of my current data.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I'm beginning to feel kinda
useless so far.
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I would suggest you look through the PDMworks tutorials before proceeding. They are located with the other SW tutorials, which can be accessed from the Help pulldown menu.
Good luck!
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Can you enhance the description of your dilemma by answering the following?
Bring up PDMW how?
What icons?
You create initial projects thru PDMW Admin tool. You can enable users the ability to create projects thru admin tool.
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remy martin
You'll only have these PDMWorks entries in the menus; "PDMWorks" in "Tools...", and if there is a document open, "Save and PDMWorks Check-in..." in "File" -Marc
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Marc Gibeault
"Hacknwhack" wrote in news:9a15$428cda2c$d1d89a66$ snipped-for-privacy@PRIMUS.CA:
Probably talking about shortcut or right mouse button menus. There are some new icons you can use, but most things in PDMW runn off of the RMB.
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