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I know that it=92s early and you haven't even gotten your multi-cores overheating yet, but we'd like to get your initial feedback about PhotoView 360.

Please help us by taking a few minutes to complete this short 11 question survey. Upon completing the survey, you will be redirected to a site displaying some cool PV360 images that have been created by our community.

The following is a link to the survey:

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Reading through it I would say that's probably the best survey I've seen from SW in a while i.e.. there is a full set of questions that actually seem to be asked with the purpose of revealing customer opinions/needs. Unfortunately very few people outside beta testers will have actually experienced it given sp0 is only just available for download but still...

The question I have is : Why was PW360 brought forward so far in the scheme of things when it is apparent the whole direction hasn't been decided on ( how ,why,who,what, when ) and there are only just enough features to get by with? Strange goings on.. Perhaps the man with the blank screen knows the answer...

IMHO this survey that should have been undertaken somewhere about alpha/early beta stage. Ultimately though I think PW360 will be very useful - i.e. will deliver very good results, quickly and with a min. of dedicated expertise. I am sure this will suit many SW users daily needs. People who really need a v. high end render which requires intense specialised set up and tools will most likely want to use something else or a rendering service. I don't see that as a failing. Just make sure you provide some useful file formats or API dangling out for that option - i.e. don't try to be a monopoly provider like MS

Seriously now that you have started on this path ( rightly or wrongly) I think you should just integrate/finish it properly for next release and retire PW. It doesn't make sense to have concurrent renderers even if of a slightly different flavour.

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I't doesn't.


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