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If anyone knows of any good Photoworks tutorials, An exasperated class
of 9 Solidworks students would be most grateful.
Unfortunately, Level II Solidworks training is non-existant in our
school, and it follows then that literature on Photoworks is just about
the same. We did run across a very helpful tutorial by Triaxial Design
Company, on the Internet, that was surely welcomed. We are currently
waiting for a text book published by Solidworks, devoted entirely to
Photoworks. Our main problem is learning how to apply reflective shiny
chrome renderings to flat surfaces. We have achieved very acceptable
results with conical and round geometries, but a cube is evidentally a
different set of problems alltogether, along with a different set of
settings that we are simply unable to come up with. It would appear
that Photoworks is more of a complicated mechanism than we bargained
for. With it's limitless possibilities of settings, we now realize that
this part of 3-D may be more difficult to learn than solid geometry
If one of the very fine Gurus that post here ever makes a video
tutorial on this subject, it would most certainly be appreciated, and
we would be thankful if they would be so kind as to post it here.
Thanking you,
Erika Layne and Classmates
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Erika Layne
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Flat surfaces are hard to render. Make sure that your edges etc are filleted. Then make sure that you render from a good angle to catch the light appropriately.
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Agreed. Don't forget that something that really IS flat, doesn't look like much in a blank white room... you have to have something for it to reflect which makes it compelling (using an HDR image for lighting, spherical environment, etc.).
Check (in scene editor) that the reflectivity of each wall (material property) is set to "Constant" - this may be the problem.
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There are a few tutorials and links here:
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I have also read in a forum that there is a printed tutorial that is supposed to be available from the SolidWorks VAR's.
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Yes there is it is A Step by Step Self Study Guide don't know about pricing for it though
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Yes, I have just recently purchased it. It is Photoworks, a Step by Step Guide,for 2006, by Solidworks. The price is $75.00, includes shipping. G. De Angelis
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Did you purchase this from your VAR ?
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SW Monkey
I don't know if he did but you should be able to. They may not have it in stock but they should be able to get it for you. It is put out by SolidWorks Corp.
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