Mirror Table Top Surface in Photoworks

Will someone point me to some settings for me to arrive at a reflective mirror like table top to place a chrome football on top of, in order that the table top will reflect the football. I am just starting with rendering in Photoworks and I don't even know the proper names of what I am looking for in order to look them up in the help files. If someone could help me on this, I would appreciate it. I am not the only person in my class who is finding this rendering program quite exasperating. I am using Solidworks 2006. I read somewhere here where version 2007 of Photoworks is easier to manage, I hope this is true. Thanking you in advance, Erika

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Erika Layne
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The stock chrome is great. I might suggest that you use a Satin Steel for a subtler effect with blurry reflections.

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