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I've said this many a time - but doesn't seem to happen...

I believe that similiar to other programs, sw should have a seperate menu > item: File | Export that only allows exporting and combines the options > for each export type onto one page, instead of a seperate options page. > > It's to dangerous and easy to make mistakes like forgetting to set the > coordinate system, or accidently saving it as a sldprt into the wrong > directory causing confusion and multiple parts floating around. > > It's a small thing but when your exporting LOTS of parts (maybe I need a > macro) it becomes easy to goof up. > > Zander
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Lee Bazalgette
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The old OS/2 word processor Describe had and the open source word processor AbiWord has Save Copy and Open Copy commands. The Save As option would continue to exist, for when you want to change the name of a part, have it take hold in open files, and/or keep working on it. The option to save it in another format, however, would go away, since you couldn't continue working on it. Use Save Copy for that.

It's more consistent and logical, which would eliminate many of the problems with Save As for exporting. In fact, it's more logical than Export. And once you get used to Save Copy and Open Copy, you'll miss them in other applications.

Describe had a ton of logically organized items in all of its menus (Close All, Print All, the aforementioned copy commands). It was a timesaver and added lots of functionality. I hate the dumbing down of applications that has long been a trend in UI design. Thankfully, the truncated context menus in SolidWorks 2003 can be turned off.

Rob Campbell

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Rob Campbell

Yo, this is all fine and good . . . but MY enhancement request is to quit adding enhancements and have SolidWorks Corp concentrate on getting the software working as it's supposed to work. This is not to say that Zander, Rob and Lee's requests aren't perfectly good ones. Just that they're not necessary ones. Distractions are distractions.

Just my $.02, and only my opinion (of course) 'Spork'

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