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Just wondering if you guys, if you have or use hot keys, do you still
keep the symbol in your toolbar? Or does it make sense to have the
symbols that you use less often up. Screen space is prime reality now
a days, and unless you have dual monitors (NICE!!!!) with every new
version the addition of "new features" has gotten to the point that I
am starting to run out of space. At one point I could have everything
I needed in the tool bars that ran around the screen once. Now I am
barely hanging on to that.
Another question for those of you operating on dual you
find it helpful to have one screen for SW and the other for toolbars,
or do you use the 2nd monitor for other programs?
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Arthur Y-S
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On my laptop (maximum video resolution 1024 x 768) I dispense with an icon if I have an equivalent hotkey -- and of course I can get a more reasonable set of toolbars that way without obstructing quite so much working real estate. Why even ask? Just do it. I don't use two monitors on any of my systems though, so can't answer your 2nd question.
Arthur Y-S wrote:
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I use 2-19" monitors at 2560x960 with toolbars strategically around outside, SW fills whole lot-each screen shows a viewport(split).excel,int explorer are set to launch on one and word,outlook on the other as needed. I use a quadro 750 and it doesn't seem to slow down view rotations much with the screen split-one large window does though but that's about 2400x900 so that is expected and it isn't all that useful anyway.looks like I may have to reorganise things a bit for 2004. I use other bits as well to get to things quickly-some hot keys,some on strategic commander,4 button mouse. if you like I could send you a screen capture. cheers
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I still keep the icons handy as the hotkey function conks out frequently (every release since 98+). Never worked out why...
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The other side of the coin is that if there are other people that may use your machine to do something, there are certain "standard" toolbar buttons they will want to use. If you are on your own, go for it.
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Wayne Tiffany
"Chris" wrote in news:bei35u$isk$1
Same here. However, some never seem to go away, so I do get rid of those.
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Dale Dunn
When you say you have the screen split for SWX, do you mean 'tiled vertically', or???? Do the toolbars exist on one or both monitors? (I long for the way my girlfriend's Mac works with Photoshop on two monitors. All the tools are on one monitor and the other is totally devoted to graphics only.)
It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a screen shot of you setup.
Sincerely, Jerry Forcier
neil wrote:
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Jerry Forcier
ok Jerry but where do I send it? I make a scaled composite jpeg image (195kb) of some options I use that will probably answer your questions
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