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Hi Les,

> >A trick I have used in the past where all the components are just described >as numbers is to re-name the configuration from "Default" to a more >descriptive name. Then if you right click in the assembly and choose >"Component Properties" then your new component description will be shown >under configurations. I know its not the best answer but reasonbly quick >and simple. > >Regards Simon > > > > > >

Hi Simon,

I knew I could depend on an answer from SGM!

Sounds like a reasonable idea so we'll give it a go. It will be interesting to see how others deal with it.


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Here is another approach to this problem.

When you save your parts do a "Save As" and under "Files of Type" there is a box called "Description" in that open box Type in the name or Description of the part your working on. Then you can set this in both the part and in the assembly. RMB the file name in the top of the FM. then go to "Tree display" and click on "Show Component's Description". Now if you set this in your assembly it will show you the part number but in "" you will see the Description name you saved in the part file.

I hope that helps, Scott Baugh, CSWP

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It only took 1/2 hour.

I am willing to send this macro to anyone who asks. Just send me an e-mail. If you set this macro to a hotkey then it works really sweet. Select ONE part in the design tree of an assembly (suppressed, hidden or unsuppressed). Hit your hotkey. A window will come up with a picture of the part in it's configuration. Press any key or hit close and the window goes away. Select the next and you know what everything is by picture. I foundout how to set a macro to a hotkey in SW help it is pretty easy.

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Corey Scheich

I posted it on the Solidworks Usergroup for download

formatting link

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Corey Scheich

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