Re: rod inside another rod, how to centre?

Not sure I understand, but if you create the small rod as a middle plane extrusion, then you can use the natives planes to add a constraint, to the center of the big rod, for example.


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Hi, > I have a rod (100mm long, 10mm diameter), in this rod is a 4.1mm (perpendiculer > to the 10mm diameter rod),through hole, 4mm from one end. there is a 7mm deep > hole in the end of the 100mm rod for welding a 85mm long, 4mm diameter rod in > place. I can concentrically mate the 4mm rod to the 4.1mm through hole and move > the 4mm rod through this hole. What I want to do is add a constraint, to > centrally locate the 4mm rod in this hole. Ie: I dont' want the 4mm rod to move > and I want it centrally fixed to the 10mm diameter rod. I want this assembly to > be able to move in an assembly too, so the fix constraint is no good. > Any ideas? > > > - > I I > I I > I I > ------------------------------------------------------------ > I I I > I I I > ------------------------------------------------------------ > I I > I I > I I > - > > > > >
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Jean Marc BRUN
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This is an assembly drawing using two parts (rods in this case).

____ I I I I Part1 I I I I 10mm di x 100mm long rod I I with 4.1mm diameter through I I hole, 4mm from one end of the rod to hole centre I 0 I I_i_i_I

__________________ Part2 I__________________I 4di x 85mm long rod rod to go into 4.1mm "through" hole

_____ I I I I I I I I this is what I want I I I I ___________I I___________ I ___________I I___________I centrally fixed I____I

_____ I I I I I I I I but at the moment it can move either way through the hole I I >>>

_____I I___________ I ____ I I___________I I____I

_____ I I I I I I I I >>>>

I I ___________I I____ I ___________I I____I I____I

hope this is clearer

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As Jean Marc said, you will need to use the planes of the parts to mate limit the linear travel.

What version of SWX are you using? I could send you an example.

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Arlin Sandbulte

Can you not make it a sub assembly with a fixed constraint then bring it into your overall assembly?

Todd Anderson

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Todd Anderson


The trick was to extrude the 4mm rod from the centre as mentioned. but to add a contraint between the ORIGIN of the 4mm rod and the temp axis of the 10mm rod. Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction. :-))

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Just create a plane in the center of the pin and use that to mate it. Planes come in very handy for this stuff...


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One way is to constuct the 4mm rod by extruding a 4mm circle using midplane extrude. If the circle was constructed on the front plane then the front plane would be in the middle of the 4mm rod. In the assembly set the view for temporary axis, then select the axis of the

100mm rod and the front plane of the 4mm dia rod. you can then constrain the axis to the plane. the 4mm rod will still be able to spin in its hole. If you want a further constaint, then select the top plane of the 4mm rod and the axis of the 100 mm rod and constrain them to be parralel. The are lots of of other ways to do it also.

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Jim Fraley

posting from google sucks. I posted to this a few hours ago and now the problem has been answered 8 times and My post still hasn't shown up @2:34 CST so my typing is all for naught. God Help GOOGLE groups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Corey Scheich


You need to get you a NG server. I use Outlook Express to view this NG but I use this NG server

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you have to register and get a reader. Once setup you can view this NG Dynamically and it's fast and free.

Regards, Scott

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