refridgerator evaporator model

Does anyone have any experience creating an evaporator model? You know, the
thing in your fridge with the bosses all over it. My goal is to model it up
as a flat part (sheet metal) and then bend it accordingly. My approach has
creat a sheet say 10 x 40 .
then sweep a profile on the face to create the ridge.
shell the thickness of original sheet to create the void. mirror the
features to create the chamber.
make it a sheet metal part. attempt to bend it with a 1-2 in radius.
no luck with the last.
I new before i got to the last item it was going to be too complex as i am
attempting to fold material back on itself but i had to try. models and
drawings avail if need TIA
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you mean an aluminium icebox with gas passages winding along/through it? you may want to make a simple sheetmetal object first with folds/hems/holes etc and then apply embossed features to it.maybe you will have to make a 2 part assy -an inside and outside for bonding together-sheetmetal multibody isn't supported
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my print shows 10 x 34 with various cross section of the voids in a sweeping pattern. i can send u a print if you want to mess with it
have a drawing of one manufacturers evap only unit
lg that's sheet metal with tubes attached, then bent
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