Skinny lines in a sketch

When I make a relatively complicated sketch, it's not uncommon that I
notice some parts of collinear lines are shown in a thinner weight than
normal. It doesn't seem to matter if the sketch is fully constrained or
not, I see the thin lines in both black and blue.
I can't seem to find anything in the SWX help. Can someone please drop
a message as to what they mean. It would be much appreciated.
Jerry Forcier
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Jerry Forcier
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I have seen the skinny lines too. It seems to happen when lines overlap or form non-closed loops. I have seen them change from skinny to regular weight after trimming to form a closed loop.
Sorry-no technical explanation-only anecdotal.
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John Kreutzberger
Usually SW displays those type of entities when there is more than one possible solution to the overall sketch. For example, a square with a line from one corner to the other. Or two lines placed on top of each other. In your case, I'd be betting on the latter. Two colinear lines with overlaps at the endpoints would display one of them as "skinny".
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The reason that this happens is because you have "an endpoint that is shared by multiple entities". It is really a warning to tell you that there is a problem with a sketch. The simplest example I can give is draw three lines and connect them all at one end point.
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If you are making surfaces or extrusions using contours this is normal. If you are doing ordinary extrudes it will cause a failure.
The two things that cause thin blue lines is sharing a common endpoint and line on line.
To alleviate this situation convert one of the lines to construction.
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