Solidworks 2004 and nVidia Quadro FX1000 Video settings

I just upgraded to this Video card and am wondering what the best
settings are for it in Solidworks 2004. This card allows Realview, and
I want the best quality and performance. There are alot of options in
the Control panel for the Video settings. Any help is
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The only thing I can suggest is to check if you have the right driver, by checking on
formatting link
it is just a question of trying different settings until one please you. My PC was upgraded with a 3DLabs Wildcat VP560 and I went through all of that by trying different scenario until I found one that please me.
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CDignition wrote on 22.9.2003 12:58
I am also thinking about this card. What did you upgrade from? Is it working well so far? How is realview? Useful? Love to hear something before I jump onto this card.
Cheers, Daniel
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daniel (CDignition) wrote in message
There are alot of options in
Have been using this card since July with 2004 and was a little flaky with the first driver I had but with the 4.1.04 (10/25/2002) driver has worked flawlessly. I haven't checked the driver download page
formatting link

at nvidia so I don't know if this is the latest one. But you know what they say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.
Otherwise here are my settings. I'm also using Dual Monitor.
under OpenGL settings:
Multidisplay hardware acceleration = Single-display mode Default Color Depth= Use desktop color depth Buffer Flipping Mode= Auto-select Vertical sync = on by default Use up to = 5 MB system memory fo textures
All the other settings are depending on what special things you want to do with the displays.
Hope this helps
BTW, does the load times for CG texture justify having them? Just curious. They seem to take a long time to load. But hey, nothin's Free!
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Mark Biasotti

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