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Evan Yares seems to be a pretty smart, well-connected fellow. I liked what I read so much that I started reading the rest of his stuff. The 5th post, "Software as a Big Ball of Mud" is, I'll bet, a perfect description of SolidWorks.
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After pondering these links a strange coincidence comes to mind. It was at the 3 Amigos meeting that Mr. Charles and the SW user community got about as close together as they ever will. Right after the 3 Amigo meeting there was some sort of reception for Mr. Charles. I think Sporky went while I was getting a taxi to Logan. It was kind of like these two black holes were vying to suck up the SW planet. Looks like the Dassault black hole might win the gravitational tug of war yet unless the users can grab a neutron star or two from somewhere.
I suppose when you think about the money side, SW is still selling for 3995 plus adders. Back in 2001 I think the euro was worth 80 or 90 cents. Now it is worth $1.25 or there abouts. So every seat sold fetches about 64 cents on the dollar that it fetched in 2001. That is a big hit to income to Dassault from the SW side. Maybe the best thing that could happen is that the Euro take a dive compared to the dollar.
This also makes CATIA less attractive than UG or Pro/E which shouldn't be as effected by the currency differences. All the while UG and Pro/E can be very competitive in Europe against CATIA.
And as SW has delved into PDM in a big way, I wonder if some of CATIA's bigger customers are tire kicking SW.
Well it has been fun trying to guess what it all means. Hope it doesn't happen.
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