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Has anyone been able to pre-register for their sessions at the SW World
website? If you have can you let me know when you are finding the link
to get you to the login page.
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Rock Guy
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I think they are doing it differently this year. My understanding is that everybody that has registered at a certain time will all get an e-mail at the same time with a link to the session registration page. This sort of levels the playing field in that those who register early get the lower rate, but not priority for sessions. In prior years if you registered late you had little chance of attending any of the Sunday roundtables-or whatever they are calling them this year.
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John Kreutzberger
It also means that you can't register early to get a room on Sunday for a reasonable rate because you don't know whether you should settle in on Saturday or Sunday.
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Thanks for the info John.
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Rob Rodriguez

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