SWW2008 Mass Mailing hoax?

I've gotten two emails from someone purporting to be Dan Welsh at SW
regarding SWW2008 signup. There are a few strange aspects to the
The email is CC'd to people on this NG.
The email is from dan snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com not directly from SW.
The email has a link to a signup page:
formatting link
(I munged the
URL a bit so nobody will accidently go there.)
I haven't followed the link simply because it would appear that the
sender is not legit.
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I would presume the intended purpose would be to glean your credit card info.
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Wayne Tiffany
Did you see the real one? The hotel rates in SD are unbelievable. I stayed in Orlando for 50$ a night. For one night in SD I could have done all of Orlando or NOLA.
PS Tommorrow, the 21st, is the last day of double discounted rates.
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