Upgraded to Office in 6 minutes

For all you folks who don't like the time it takes to add a freakin' service pack, ponder this. I had SW 2004 on my machine. I went through the hassles of upping it a few times, all the way to sp2.1.

We upgraded to SW Office. No problem I figured. But wait, maybe there will be...? I gave it a go. It went from the original CD's to completion in 6 minutes. How did it do that?

When you install the regular version, it doesn't install the Office stuff, right? I didn't even have it install RealView, since my card was an oldie, which supposedly saved 450mb or so. I installed 3 SP's since then, which obviously installs, or remembers, the WHOLE program. When I went to "Add/Remove" and "modified" SW, it asked for the original CD's and read off of them, apparently installing the extra stuff I choose, including RealView this time (new card going in). Then I put in CD #2 and #3 when requested. Done. Everything is at SP2.1, I'm guessing. So it went and installed the original PhotoWorks, Animator, RealView, etc., to sp2.1 in 6 minutes...?

Takes 2 hours to do just the SW portion, and 6 minutes to add the goodies? Weird....

Mr. Pickles

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