Web Application Using Solidworks API

Have any body developed a web application using Soldiworks API and ASP
or VB?. if so please let me know how to make solidworks run as an
engine in solidworks.
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I did notice once that there is a VB web based thing installed on machines with solidworks installed. This is to allow the taskpane to work.
If you have a look at the script for the taskpane
(Usually C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\data\welcomepage)
You can write vbscript pages and have them run in the taskpane using the solidworks api.
One flaw I noticed with this is that if you have an input box in your page and that page is displayed in the taskbar, the solidworks keyboard shortcuts still have the keyboard so you can't type into the boxes.
It's good for displaying information without having to do difficult plugins though.
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