What are the specs on your computer?

My current specs are:

Dell Optiplex GX240 Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHZ

1.00 GB RAM Nvidia Quadro4 900XGL w/128MB RAM 80GB 7200rpm harddrive

Im trying to get an idea what I can do to increase performance in SolidWorks on large assemblies. Here is some assembly specs on a large assy we have.

Total number of components : 1094 Parts: 967 Unique Parts: 166 Sub-assemblies: 127 Unique sub-assemblies: 34 Resolved components: 1004 Suppressed components: 90 Lightweight components: 0

Number of top level mates: 268

Number of top level components: 81

Maximum depth: 5

Is there any kind of benchmark I can do to compare my computer to other SolidWorks users. I would like to know if my computer is "Great", "OK", or "Poor".

Thanks :)

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SW Monkey
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I know of no benchmarks, but it would be interesting for some of us to share our files to see exactly how we are doing in comparison to others, but probably not practical, nor possibly legal

Looks to me that about all you can do, practically, would be to add another Gb of ram, otherwise it looks like a good CAD machine.

I went from a non-CAD spec Dell to a Xi, specs listed above in 'ship in a bottle report' post, large assembly files that took up to 5 minutes to open, rotate view, save now takes less than 20 seconds. Saves that took a full minute on multi-sheet assembly drawings on the old machine (with SWX2003) take less than 5 seconds on the new machine (with 2004).

I'm sure there are other factors at play, disc fragmentation, bus speed, etc, but...

2¢ Whit
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maybe he has already done these things but before he runs off to replace hardware maybe he could check out:

1.pc mainenance: defrag,pagefile size/cleanout,temp file cleanout etc. 2.sw options: animate mates-rotations,lightweight parts,transparency,display detail,realview,auto save etc etc. 3.work smarter: with subassy,configs,local files to only load up whats needed at the time

there are a few check lists available people have done to help you with this if you search.

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He's only running a 2.8 GHz Pentium.

The benchmark pretty much takes care of 2 and 3. 1 is a possibility, but it isn't go> maybe he has already done these things but before he runs off to replace

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well I don't know the benchmark is a pretty simple one running on a small file that gauges processor speed for rebuilds. maybe he has other things he can look at if he is working with assemblies which bog the system down - that was the point of my answer. true enough the latest greatest system will churn calcs in about 60% of the time of his 2.8. just because the hardware runs faster doesn't necessarily mean he will achieve twice as much during the day.

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