A. B. Charles & Son

Posted: Wed May 03, 2006 4:04 pm Post subject: AB Charles will soon be gone

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unless a suitable building can be located in the next few weeks....the shop will be gone after 60 years in business due to things beyond our control..To date no place has been found that is within reasonable fiscal reach...and those that have been within the limits have been too small or non workable for retail...At this time it looks like the end will be sometime in June.

To all of the faithful supportive customers and friends...THANKS for your support!!

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NOCKERS spake thus:


Let me guess: this is a hobby shop, right?

Where is it?

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David Nebenzahl


On the south side of Pittsburgh in the Dormont area. Been several years since my last visit, but I recall it as a well stocked shop with lots of hard to find parts. Geezer

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