A legendary Federal train raid"

A legendary Federal train raid
Few events of the Civil War have been so widely celebrated as a small
Federal raid into Georgia in 1862 aimed at disrupting the Western &
Atlantic Railroad, an important Confederate supply line.
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The article is a review of the book "Stealing the General: The Great Locomotive Chase and the First Medal of Honor" by Russell S. Bonds, Westholme Publishing, $29.95, 444 pages, illustrated.
Other books about the Great locomotive Chase include:
"Daring and Siuffering" by William Pittenger, originally printed in 1863 and reprinted in 1982 by Time-Life Books. Pittenger was ont he raid and received the medal of Honor.
"The Great Locomotive Chase" by Craig Angle, 1992, published by the author.
And of course two movies:
"The General" with Buster Keaton.
"The Great Locomotive Chase" with Fess Parker.
All of the above, and more, are available on Amazon.com.
Maybe it's time for a remake of the movie?
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Ken Rice
Several members of the raiding party were from Hancock County, Ohio, where I live today. I think two or three of the members are buried in a little town west of here called McComb. One of the original Medals of Honor is on display at the library there.
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Dan Merkel

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