Athearn 0-4-2 little monster

Hi all,

I'm working on restoring the 1950's Athearn HO 0-4-2. Love switchers, just couldn't say no to this one. Stripped down and cleaned/ lubricated all the running gear and motor, it runs fine now. Well, except it runs in reverse. .. the negative lead goes across the frame to the right side of the motor. From what I can tell, it was designed this way. . .does anyone remember this/have a running example of it? I'm sure it's possible to isolate the engine and run new leads, just really curious.

PS> any restoration/detailing tips are much welcomed, as I've only been into HO for a couple of years. . .

Many thanks,

Michael Peitzmann

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IIRC, it was deliberately wired that way. Maybe Irv Athearn thought its normal direction was backwards. Nice little lokey, I think. Fella at our club had one. Good base for fancying up with lots of lost wax castings, complete valve gear, ash pans, springing .... ;-)

Have fun!

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Check Bowser/Kemtron, I'm pretty sure Bowser has all the old Kentron stuff but hard to guess if they reissue it.

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Jon Miller


Outside of Bowser, I don't know, but why not use Bowser's? According to their literature, it fits the Varney engine.

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Probably it could be made to fit the Little Monster, or you could just tell everybody it has Stephenson gear (or experimental poppet valves. :D )

(Dockside valve gear, kit #3-217, costs $19.95).

I suppose Model Power might have valve gear parts available for their Mantua Classics line.

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