Bachmann 2-8-4 REPOSTED from another thread

I posted this in response to a thread concerning the differences in Bachmann
engines. I thought that since some of you might be interested in the new
2-8-4 but not the other thread, I'd post it as a new thread.
I had an opportunity to run my new Bachmann 2-8-4 the other day for the
first time. While this isn't going to be an exhaustive review, I'll mention
the following in no particular order...
o The engine seemed hard to get on the tracks at first. I use a Rix
Rerailer and it didn't seem to like that. But once I got all wheels on the
track corectly, it stayed that way for the entire time I was running it.
o I only ran it about fifteen minutes but it seemed to do well.
o The motor did seem to have a bit of a loud buzz in it. I've heard
that this is sometimes the case when DCC equipped engines are run on DC
which was the case here.
o Pulling power... I was running seven properly weighted (by NMRA
standards) Athearn HO passenger cars behind my Berk. With that load, the
drivers slipped some on an uphill, curved 2% grade but the train still made
it to the top.
o The engine & tender both have yellow LEDs for headlight/back-up
lights. This doesn't really float my boat all that much but I don't "worry"
about it since I don't do any night time running.
o The lettering on the tender (mine is NKP 765) seemed just a bit too
yellow to me. Dulux looks a little more orange to me but then who knows? I
do know that anything in that range of shades is difficult to get correct.
Any shade of yellow is a tough color to work with.
o Slow speed was excellent! While the starting voltage seemed a little
high, once the loco was in motion, it could be throttled way back down and
the engine barely crawled along. While not a "switcher," this would be
excellent for coupling in the yard and such.
o Out of the box, the front coupler drooped too much and the trip pin
was catching on rails at crossovers & switches. A quick upward bend of the
trip pin fixed this.
Overall, I'm initially pleased with the engine and think it will be a great
addition to my motive power fleet.
Dan L. Merkel
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