Powering an MDC/Roundhouse Climax engine

Howdy: Many years ago I bought a Climax loco kit, un-powered, to kit bash a project I saw in an issue of Model Railroader. At the time I was planning on it being a static model, with no need for locomotion (no pun intended). I've since changed my mind and now want to put a motor unit in it.

I've searched eBay for the power chases, but have you seen what they're getting for those puppies these days?? Even junked ones with no assurance that they will even run are going for $40-$50 dollars!! Some one told me that the power chases from the MDC Box Cab Diesel is the same chases. Also heard that the old track cleaner unit from MDC also has the same chases. Is this true? 'Cause I think I can pick up one of those for a little bit less dinero. Other wise I'm going to have to pull the plug on this long over due project. Thanks for any input.

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Yes, it's true. All three use the same chassis. HTH and good luck.


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