G scale MDC Big Hustler

Does anyone either have or know where I can find an MDC G scale Big
Hustler locomotive (preferrably a kit version)? Please contact me off-
list if you know where I can find one.
Thank you. gscalenewbie
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I've been watching MDC on eBay for the last couple years. Not much shows up. There have been a couple Big Hustler's, but both went for more than I thought they were worth. I think the mechanism is the same as used in the MDC speeder, which uses an HO 12 VDC max motor. A guy was selling MDC Big Hustler body parts last winter, that one could perhaps use with a speeder chassis. On the other hand, several Aristo and USA Trains power trucks repeatedly show up on eBay. It would be a very easy kit bash project to build simple chassis from Evergreen plastic shapes, or kit-bash the engine compartment and cab from an old Atlas O-scale 0-C-0 diesel switcher onto an Aristo or USA power truck, and have a better product. Geezer
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