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Says a lot of good things about Bachmann's current commitment to customer satisfaction.

-- Jim McLaughlin

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Here's just a fun sidenote of amazing good fortune...

> > Had an old n-scale steamer, must have been about 20 years old, from > bachmann. Good old bachmann quality *cough* train set style. Of course, > hasn't worked for years. It was, by chance, a 2-8-0. > > Being bored one day I sent it to Bachmann along with $15 and a note that > says "Fix it please." > > What do I get back? A brand new Spectrum 2-8-0. Howd'ya like that? > > I'd say it's worth a shot if you have any old Bachmann locos sitting around > that don't work. > > -Tim > >
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Jim McLaughlin
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One of my HO scale Spectrum 2-8-0s came from that same thing, using the Erie

2-8-0 instead. Same with my two nicely working USRA 0-6-0s. Gene ABV61-1043.001.HCB
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