Atlantic Coast Line Question

I'm trying to keep my model railroad as genuine to the time period
1938 to 1948 as possible.
Question: When did the ACL begin applying script lettering and catch
phrase on boxcars and other freight?
What few pics I've seen from this time frame show lettering and round
logo only. Your experience and insight on this subject is extremely
important to me.
Thanks in advance!!
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On 1/1/2010 8:01 PM LDosser spake thus:
OK, wise guy, so fond of posting not-so-helpful 1-line replies: Just where on that site is the information the OP is looking for? I looked (cursorily, but looked) and didn't find anything. If there is such specific information as they're seeking regarding freight car lettering, it's likely buried 10 levels deep there.
So sometimes it actually makes sense to ask a hoomin bean instead of just Googling things. That's what these here things called "newsgroups" are for, no?
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David Nebenzahl
Wouldn't an ACL Specific group be a better place to make semi-esoteric RFIs?
Particularly when you have a Known sources of hoomin beans interested in Exactly the same RR you are. That's why there are so many hysterical societies out there.
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