Central Of New Jersey Question

I'm trying to keep my model railroad as genuine to the time period
1938 to 1948 as possible.
Question: What lettering and or logos did Cof NJ use on boxcars and
other freight during this time period?
What few pics I've seen from this time frame show no Cof NJ equipment
all. Your experience and insight on this subject is extremely
important to me.
Thanks in advance!!
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On 1/1/2010 8:56 AM Larry Blanchard spake thus:
So where would one do this kind of research, pray tell? I'm guessing this kind of information is much more readily available in print publications than online, making the typical response "just Google it" less than helpful.
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David Nebenzahl
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However, you're correct about the superiorly of print sources. Try:
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cheers, wolf k.
PS: Google search took less than two minutes, not including poking around the websites themselves.
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Wolf K
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