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I'm one of those guys that lacks the patience/temperment to ballast track, so I bought Kato Unitrack (HO scale) with the molded-in ballast for my current layout. I've given it an India ink wash to take the plastic shine off of it, but the nice clean edge of the plastic ballast just looks wrong. Has anybody had any luck adding a little ballast along the edges to make it look more realistic? If so, can anybody recommend a brand/color/size that looks OK? Alternately, I was thinking of gluing a little ground foam over the edges to cover them up.

Any pointers?


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Kato sells a matching ballast at this point but it strikes me as a bit pricey. Maybe you could take a quick look in the MR ads and see who sells ballast and what they may have available that would work?


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Kato makes matching ballast:

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Bill McC.

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Bill McCutcheon

Go buy some cheap bird gravel. It comes in a fine mix & not so fine mix... Great looking granet pieces. Or play-sand from da hardware store.


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JC Lewis

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