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My layout is made using Kato Unitrack. They have two types of turnouts, both of which cut power automatically to a spur as the switch is thrown. One of these kinds is not remotely controlled and the power cut condiguration can easily be changed by little screws on the bottom. The other one is remotly controlled but has no easy way to configure the power cut option other than remove the bottom plate and solder wires where you need them.

What I want is one or two remote turnouts that do not cut power to any spur at any time.

Do they have such a beast or do I need to start soldering.

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I assume you're talking about their N Unitrack. (?) In the US, all Kato turnouts are remotely controlled. They offer no manual-only turnouts.

The #6 turnouts (EP718-15L/R) are power routing.

The #4 turnouts (EP481-15L/R) can be set, as you describe, for power routing or non-power routing. There is a separate screw for each branch, so you can set one branch to be on all the time and the other to be on only when selected by the switch's position. NOTE: The screw positions are mislabeled. For power-routing, put the screw in the non-power routing socket and vice versa. You can also set the frog power off or on. For a complete discussion of the #4 settings, see the Kato website:

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-- Bill McC.

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Bill McCutcheon

Kato Unitrack

About this topic , where was this stuff "ok track" when I started my layout back in 1978 ! at that time we had the ATLAS sectional track We have come A VERY long way in this hobby !!!! Thanks to technology...


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