PECO code 80 track and Atlas code 55 turnouts - N Guage


Is it possible to use Atlas Code 55 N Guage remote powerered turnouts with PECO code 80 N Guage track?

I want to power my turnouts but I dont like the PECO turnout motors as my track is layed on top of woodland scenics foam inclines making it impossible to either mount the PECO turnout motors underneath the baseboard or above it alongside the turnouts.

What other ways could I power these turnouts so that I can remotely switch them?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Anything is possible! The only question is whether you want to go through the height change everytime you hit a turnout. Personally, I'd rather just hand lay all of the turnouts and a lot of the track just to get the consistent same appearance (actually more important than having the "best" looking comercial stuff) in the track plus the ability to make the turnouts with proper gauging in them. Remember that the track gauge for HO is .650" rather than the .67x that most of the manufacturers of track seem to think is right. I'll also note that the wheel gauge is .637" which makes the track gauge actually already wide for the wheels.

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Bob May

Peco turnout motors hook to the bottom of the turnout. They do not need any baseboard. Just a pit.

Jim Stewart

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Jim Stewart

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