Sorry for the return address mixup...somehow I must have been in a
rush when putting the info into Agent and it wouldn't go through for
anyone. You will be able to reply to this post ONLY directly, no need
to alter anything.
As I originally stated, I have a lot of used Kato N-scale Unitrack
pieces. Mostly curves, lots of oddball pieces, including some #4
switches. NO viaducts. NO Snap-Track adaptor sections. NO
crossings. I do have a trio of bridges (one black truss, two black
girder bridges). The switches have the plug-in connectors at the
switch, but the wiring is cut short as I did NOT use the Kato modular
The stuff has been taking up space on my layout table in piles by
type, and wifey has been nagging. ("Gee, nothing ever seems to get
done on the layout....") Y'all been there, heard that, right?
Well, I'd like to offer this stuff to anyone who needs it. Now before
you get greedy and say "Send It All" I am limiting the offer to six
(6) pieces per requestor. (Earlier this year I made this same offer,
got 12 replies and 11 of them gave me the "Send It All" reply. Of
course, I didn't bother even replying to those greedy bastards....I am
NOT trying to finance anyone's layout, just trying to help those who
might need a few odd pieces and save them a trip to the hobby store to
buy a whole box!)
And this offer even includes free postage....happy holidays!!!
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Steve Hoskins
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Here's what is available:
#4 Right switches: 2 #4 Left switches: 5 2070 bumper 3 P62 power track 2 R481-15 curve 11 R381-30 curve 11 R348-45 curve 1 R348-30 curve 3 R315-45 curve 4 R315-15 curve 8 R282-45 curve 2 R282-15 curve 2 R249-45 curve 4 S186 straight 1 S124 straight 3 S64 straight 36 S60L straight 6 S60R straight 10 Note on those last two: these are short straight sections, 60mm in length, designed to be used with #4 switches. As you stand them on the "full" end, the notch at the other end is either to the left (S60L) or to the right (S60R) so one can wedge them into #4 switches.
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Steve Hoskins

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