Be careful with that superglue!

ABC News: Docs Work on Monk Who Glued Eyes Shut

Doctors have partially restored the sight of an 81-year-old Buddhist monk who accidentally glued his eyes shut when he mistook a tube of superglue for eye drops. ...


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Mark Mathu
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Suddenly, all my problems don't seem so bad after all. That certainly rates a 10+ on the old that-sux-o-meter.

The Dagger

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Certainly shows the benefits of organizing your workbench: eyedrops on the left, superglue on the right ;-)


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Edward A. Oates

Using a finger dipped in purple ink, "Mark Mathu" scribed:

Doesn't SOUND like his eyes were working all that well to begin with!

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Never anonymous Bud

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Well, if his eyes were OK, he wouldn't have needed the drops ...


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Graeme Eldred

Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean superglue from the applicator spout on the bottle? Even though I wipe the spout off the glue glues the cap to the spout. I tried nail polish remover but no real luck. Any sugestions.


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Richard Foster

Buy smaller bottles - you'll use the contents before it clogs! :-)

If you could unscrew the spout-cap assembly from the bottle, soaking it overnight in Acetone (usually same as Nail Polish Remover) should soften the glue.

Personally, I buy bottles where the top unscrews, then I never cut the spout open. I just unscrew the cover once per my modeling session, and transfer enough superglue for that session info a tiny disposible container (using a drinking straw). JUst dip the straw in the glue, hold the other end with my finger, then place the straw in the little container, then release the glue by taking my finger of the end of that straw. Straws are cheap and disposible too.

Then I use a neeedle applicator.

For jobs needing more glue, I buy the small

4-pack tube sets in a local Home Depot and then I just use them. They will run empty before they clog up. And they are pretty cheap.


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Peter W.

Thanks. I'll have to try that.


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Richard Foster

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