Contolling QSI sound from DC

Help please:
Does anyone know what components are needed to make a DC (not
DCC)controller for sound on QSI-equipped engines? Basically I'd like
to know what's inside a device like a "Sidekick" which provides a
button for Horn and Bell for QSI sound. With a few power packs, I'd
rather not buy a few Sidekicks and mount them somewhere - I'd just like
to wiring a Horn and Bell button into my existing control panels. I
could just install a single DPDT slide switch, but the separate Horn
and Bell buttons has appeal.
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Some people have posted the electronics necessary to activate the bell and horn/whistle on three rail engines. It is a series of diodes that send a dc signal that activates the sounds. Lionel also makes a Railsounds activation button for transformers that do not have a bell button.
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