DCC Questions

Hey Folks,
Quick questions about DCC: pre DCC purchase planning.
If you are running an engine and desire to hand it off to another
operator as it enters their area, how do you drop it from one hand set
and add it to the other? Is that possible on the fly as such?
Does DCC and a wye also create tricky wiring solutions [i.e. reverse
loop issues]?
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Matt & Kathleen Brennan
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Well, yes, it's possible... but part of the joy of DCC is that it's not at all necessary - the operator stays with his train WHEREVER it is on the layout. Operators don't have _areas_, they have _trains_, and follow them wherever they go. Multiple trains can occupy the same "area" or "block" and maintain totally independant control. Ask around and see if there's a layout in your area that uses DCC that you can check out and play with - It's much easier to understand when you've used it a bit.
No trickier than analog operation... and automatic units are available to make it totally user-invisible, no power switching required by the engineer.
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Joe Ellis
Thanks you guys ...
DCC certainly sounds fabulous. We look forward to adding it to our railroad. I hope to do so as early as this winter or next spring.
Most Appreciated! Matt and Kathleen
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Matt & Kathleen Brennan
Do it like the prototype and stop and 'change' crews. Getting 'fuel' etc at the same time also part of the realism.
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Ken Cameron
Another answer could be more of a conceptual change:
With DCC you are no longer tied to "blocks". The engine (or consist) is assigned to a throttle. If one person is not following a train around the entrire layout (which is now quite feasible), they can hand the throttle off to the next operator. They would then be free to pick up the throttle of the next train entering their "territory".
"Kennedy (no longer not on The Haggis!)" wrote
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Jeff Fryman
Thank you - everyone - for the clarifications on DCC. This understanding certainly simplifies my track planning. Hopefully, if budget permits, we will enter the world of DCC sometime this coming spring.
Most Appreciated! Matt
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Matt & Kathleen Brennan
I agree with Ken, thats a good way to do it
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