H0 scale "furniture" for a train station interior

I am presently working on designing and building H0 scale train station
and after searching Walther's and doing some searches with Google I am
coming up empty.
Specifically I am mainly looking for:
1) Waiting room seating, either the long backed benches found in older
stations or the newer plastic seats (bolted to a common metal frame)
found in newer stations (and common in bus terminals). This would be
for the 'common' waiting room area.
2) Sofas, easy chairs, end tables, coffee tables, etc. This would be
for the 'First Class Lounge' (where the sleeper car passengers would
This station will have lots of windows and will have interior lighting,
so I would like to have an 'populated' interior.
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Check out the Faller, Kibri and Pola kitset ranges, they have various platform, circus, lawn etc seating and several interior details sets. Oh, and Preiser.
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Gregory Procter
Jaks Industries
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has a lot of this stuff in their SS Ltd line. They're very nice castings. However, I got into a bit of a email tiff becase they imply on their website that you can download a catalog, and all you get is a PDF file that says "catalog coming soon..."
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