How about Industrial Model Railroading

Has anyone built a layout where the theme was a steel mill or a similar industrial themed layout?

I'm thinking about making a large industrial layout instead of the normal mainline railroad.


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Charles Bix
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Lots of industrial based layouts have been built. Dean Freytag, Ken McCrorry (sp?), Mike Rabbitt, Jeff Bourne, to name a few. Probably the best way to get info on this subject is to join the Railroad Industry SIG. You can get info on how to join by going to , thjen click on steel mill project and go to the bottom of ther page where the sign up info is presented.

Check out our Magarac Steel & Iron project.

John Glaab Peach Creek Shops

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I always thought one modeled after Northwestern Steel and Wire would be interesting. Besides the chance to operate steam engines much later than the main lines did, the scrap yard itself could be constantly changing as what was scrapped in mass ( including steam engines ) was changing. LTG :)

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Lloyd Olson

The Light Iron Digest is also a good source of info on industrial railroads and equipment.

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Bruce Favinger

Fellas, The German firm Trix have been doing in HO for the last couple of years or more steel works buildings and structures, such as blast furnaces, coking ovens, cooling towers, etc. Although these are for the European market, a steel works is much the same where ever it is in the world, so they could well be used for a North American layout. Regards, Bill.

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William Pearce

I'm pretty certain that all the Trix models are the same ones designed by Walthers as part of their Cornerstone kit line. Trix may be getting a special run for the European market.


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Almost. The Trix Blast Furnace and Rolling Mill are the same as the Walthers kits. The Trix BOF was made by Heljan for Trix. Walthers sells them but under the Trix name. The BOF needs a LOT of work to make it look American.

The Trix bottle car and slag pot are definitely Euro prototypes, nothing like them in the US. The Trix bottle car is nothing like any US prototype and no amount of kit bashing can make it look American. The biggest problem is that the bottle is too long and thin for US prototypes.

No so for the slag car. I have modified one to US appearance and its a bit large looking but it comes off well.

The Trix large ladle cars is a ringer for US protoypes. Very little is needed co convert it to US appearance, eg. take of the buffers, change trucks and couplers, add some ladders, etc. A good evening project.

John Glaab Peach Creek Shops home of Magarac Steel & Iron

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