Is Curtmchere really Steve Caple? Or just two trolls?

I think I have figured out they post via the same ISP and usenet provider. I think they are the same person. Now we just have to find out the real name of the troll.

-- I can't remember where I read it, but in one of the non-official histories of WP it was revealed that in some proto-version, straight from the primordial soup, the encyclopedia was in fact to be written by anyone, but with editorial oversight by People With A Clue. In this story, it was written that none other than Jimbo Wales sat down and got to work on some economic theory article or something ... and then, if I remember this right, he started to get that unusual sensation one gets while writing a test or doing homework or, in general, just plain educating oneself. He though "Damn, someone is going to mark this!", and Jimmy didn't like that. So instead he invented a system where the TA's are less educated than he is. Bullshit baffles brains, and intuitively he realized that the more BS, or the less brains, the easier the job is. Thus Wikipedia, where as soon as you demonstrate you are transcending the system, you are kicked out...

- An illuminating insight into the mess that is Wikipedia, from Wikipedia Review

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