LGB (Ernst Paul Lehmann) has a new owner!

Good news for all LGB fans! LGB has a new owner.
Mr Hermann Schöntag, owner of the Rügen Kleinbahn, a narrow gauge
railway on the German island Rügen, and former owner of
ModellEisenBahner magazine, is the new owner of Ernst Paul Lehmann
Patentwerk, the manufacturers of LBG large scale model trains.
For the full story, and a message from Mr Schöntag, go to:
formatting link
click on "LGB News".
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Tony Polson
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Here's hoping the quality stays. I hope they come out with some new produ= cts.=20 The last couple of years have not been that great.
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Does anyone understand exactly what's going on with LGB? I'm confused -- is it about to implode leaving only lawsuits to remain?
First I receive an email from snipped-for-privacy@news24.de stating: We learned today that Mr. Sch=F6ntag, the announced buyer of E.P. Lehmann, has been unable to secure bank financing to complete the purchase....However, LGB will live and thrive, with or without Lehmann. Here is the key: LGB of America owns the trademark and marketing rights for LGB for the entire world except Germany, and we are working hard to ensure that the production of LGB products -- with all the quality you expect from LGB -- continues long into the future.
Now I receive an email from snipped-for-privacy@lgb.de stating: Contrary to LGB of America's interpretation all US-trademarks and US- copyrights worldwide reverted automatically back to E.P.LEHMANN PATENTWERK OHG upon transferring ownership of LGB of America to G45 on September 1st, 2006. Therefore, E.P.LEHMANN GmbH & Co. KG as the successor in title is the owner of all trademarks and copyrights worldwide.
Making trains isn't all about trademarks and marketing. Who will retain the tooling to make them -- and the make the investments to make new trains in Germany, China or otherwise?
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