Lionel Operating Milk Car #3472 Operation?

Hi folks,
This is my first post to rec.models.railroad
I usually post at
But, I've found model railroading to be just about as addictive as
I'm refurbing my dad's old Lionel set from the mid '50s (736 Steam
Locomotive, etc). Most of it is going well but...
I have a 3472 Operating Milk car and I can't seem to figure out the
mechanism which would push a milk can that is in the "on deck circle"
into the "batters box" in front of the man who will then push them
onto the platform. I'm wondering, if in my youth, I took the car apart
and didn't put all of the parts back in. The man pushes a can that is
in front of him out perfectly. I just can't figure out how the can
gets into the position ready to be pushed out.
Can anyone describe how this is to work, or better yet, if you can
email a scan or photo of the exploded parts diagram to me?
Any help is very much appreciated.
Merry Christmas all!
Chris Hibler
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Chris Hibler
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The reliable force of gravity drops the milk can into position for the little attendant to push it out. You load the cans through a hatch on the roof and they go down a chute which ends in the batter's box. A fellow named Greenburg publishes a book with all the Lionel repair information, including an exploded diagram for each locomotive and operating accessory. It is available from Amazon.
Good luck with your refurbishment, it is a fascinating hobby.
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video guy -
Thanks for the reply video guy. I figured out the "gravity" part. It's moving the can about 1/2" to the left that I can't figure out. I have the Greenberg's on order so that will tell the tale. Merry Christmas to you sir! -- Chris Hibler
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Chris Hibler
Just to close up this thread, I did find that a part was missing from the Milk car. It was the part that pushes the waiting can into position for the man to then push out. Snagged the part locally from a very nice fellow which should put my milk car back in operation.
Happy Holidays all! -- Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31
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Thanks for the reply video guy.
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Chris Hibler

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