Looking to sell vintage?? Rivarossi electric train locomotives and various items, where do I start???

Back in the late 50s and 60s my father collected a variety of O gauge trains, kits tracks you name it. His plan was to create a layout which has never happened. He is now too advanced in age and health to see this happen so to assist my mother I am looking for direction as to where to dispose of this properly.

It is my guess that some of this is highly desirable to the right people but I have googled this and cant find independent info, all I find is hobby shops selling new stuff.

Can someone provide me some direction????



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Hi Sue;

You don't give any idea as to where in the country you are (could make a difference as to possibilities).

Several possible ways to go --- with varying requirements for YOUR involvement.

(1) locate a 'Hobby Shop' that will sell for you on consignment. (2) 'Hobby Shop' or individual to purchase whole collection. (3) YOU list/auction stuff on eBay, or similar.

Analysis of above -- (1) Problem of 'Trust', locating a shop. Most shops that do sell on consignment are 'trustworthy' in my experience. (2) Question of 'valuation' ---- What is the stuff really worth, as opposed to 'pie in the sky' estimates. (3) Most work on your part. You should find someone to help you get 'like' things/ parts of 'sets' together, and to help with descriptions etc.

If it's a LARGE (quantity) collection, it may be worth it to pay for some help. Then again, the stuff may be 'valuable' to your father, only from a 'memories' standpoint.


Chuck Davis

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Charles Davis

Thank Chuck,

We are > HawkySue wrote:

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Hi Sue; Look for Help time ---

Are any of your fathers friends, acquaintances available?

Check in the phone book -- Hobby Shops, see if there is one that mentions "O" Gauge (Lionel --- might be able to point you somewhere, but Lionel isn't the same category as "All Nation" "O" scale equipment.)

I think there is a large "O" club in the Chicago area (maybe someone can chime in with details.) You might find someone helpful there.

Ask around for 'Model Railroad Nuts' (Friends, at Church, School, etc

--- MR nuts lurk in the strangest places, but are usually willing to help someone if asked)

The amount sounds worth doing a bit of looking on your part. Could have a 'sold value' to you (your father) of anywhere from $50 to $500 or more. (All it takes is ONE strange piece that is in demand.)


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Charles Davis


Thanks so much for your help.

My mother decided to donate all the stuff to an existing club. They will use the items to complete a layout so my dad can hopefully see it in existence so the stuff is all gone. They were happy to take it.

Thanks for your help.

Sue Charles Davis wrote:

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An excellent solution. I don't think that the 'Club' would take advantage of things under the circumstances. (I.E. the 'missing link' worth MILLIONS),

And your dad can visit and reminisce.

Glad to be of assistance, however small.

Chuck D.

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Charles Davis

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