mainline prototypes theft / fraud (Green Goat Trains)

I wanted to warn everyone who has purchased from mainline prototypes in
Penhold Alberta Canada .
He made you a promise to send your green goats but still doesn't send
them...I've been trying for almost a year to get my two green goats and
talked to him...july 30th and he said he mail them the next tuesday and I
waited a week and they never came.
He also has a crimminal record for mail fraud with usa postal service for a
former RR business in red deer alberta
He used to own and has arrest warrent in the usa waiting for him if he ever
crosses the boarder into the usa..issued by the usa postal service and FBI
.I got this imformation from another RR person...
If you used paypal or mastercard / visa you can file fraud reports but if
deadlines have expired contact your local police and file a complte photo
copy with the
Royal Canadian Mouted Police (RCMP)
PO box 5033
Red Deer ,Alberta
Canada T4N 6A1
They look after penhold alberta area and this is the closet detachment.
Tel 403-341-2000
If you want to share your stories or problems with me ..I've been dealing
with the same problems...
Brock R Bailey
110-1009 mc kenzie ave
victoria bc canada
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Brock Bailey
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Just an observation -- why is this kind of post /always/ a complete void of spelling or grammar? I mean, there's no exception. "Joe Blow iz a FRAWD" posts are like this every time.
Cordially yours: Gerard P.
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