Modifications to Life-Like DL-109s

Has anyone done any?
What did you do?
I have one that I am working on right now to make it look like a DL-105. It
re-building the headlight and putting the Art-deco "wings" around the headlight
bezel. I'm also adding a rooftop numberboard as was carried by the two GM&O
units, 270, 271. The 272 was a DL-109. It had the same style headlight, but not
rooftop numberboard. I plan to have all three units.
How about some of you New Haven guys? There were lotsa New Haven variants.
Enough to
have a kitbasher's field day.
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Did you try filling in the opening in the pilot?
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The pilot opening should be about 18 - 20 inches wide. If it's too wide there's not much trouble closing it up a bit.
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