N gauge Fairbanks-Morse

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Atlas makes the Trainmaster and H15-44 and H16-44? {last 2 IIRC} I have 2 of the Trainmasters and they work fine. there is an old minitrix H10 switcher which a friend still has 2 that run fine.
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Yes, Atlas makes a fine H16-44.
The P> Does any manufacturer make a Fairbanks-Morse deisel engine?
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Sunset models had a brass FM Trainmaster, phase 1-B.
I have one for sale. I'm asking $80 plus shipping. Email me if interested.
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Ken Rice
For a short time Life-Like offered FM "Erie-Builts" which are rather scarce now. -------------------------------------------------------------- I believe BLW has some of the Erie Builts:
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Bill Bill's Railroad Empire
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