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I'm looking for some help. I have installed Decoderpro onto my pc and attempted to use it with my NCE DCC system. Every time I attempt to read the decoders, I receive a time out. The manual for decoderpro states that for NCE you may need to create a special serial cable for analog and to refer to the NCE manual. No where in my NCE manual does it state anything about an analog connection. Has anyone else had an issue.

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R. Joe Armstrong II
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You should connect your NCE to the computer with a standard serial cable. Set DecoderPro to the correct serial port usually COMM1 and 9600 which are both the default when you select NCE.

You can only read decoders when using the programming track!

There is a DecoderPro users group on YaHoo with people much more capable of solving problems than I.

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Yes - I was never able to get this combination of Power Pro/DecoderPro to work. Even the author of DecoderPro could not help.

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DCC Models

There are hundreds/thousands of NCE user that use DecoderPro. Most of the problems tend to be the computers and getting the program (JMRI) to output on a serial port as it's supposed to. The other part is to have a _real_ serial cable. Modern computers tend not to use real serial ports anymore and this can create a problem.

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Jon Miller

We have this running on a PC with NCE. No particular proplems getting it to work.


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