Northern Pacific Caboose Color Scheme

Have Gloorcraft Models NP Wood Sheathed Caboose Kit. Instructions
do not indicate prototype color scheme. What colors and where? TIA,Chet
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chet greene
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On Mon, 6 Oct 2003 00:59:39 UTC, "chet greene" wrote: 2000
The pictures I have of NP wooden cabooses show a color like mineral brown for everything but the roof. The roof is black and appears to be black roof cement over canvas.
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Ernie Fisch
A color photo of a similar car is available at:
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Gareth Quale
IIRC, Boxcar red, black roof. Depending on which version you are building, original or with modified ends (I think the mods occurred in 1947), the handrails on the side of the caboose only would be yellow, and based on pictures I have seen, I don't think that occurred until the mid 1950s. The Monad symbol is only on the modified end version. Here is a nice pic for an "O" scale auction showing the original scheme:
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Couldn't quickly find a modernized version. If you need a pict, I can scan one for your tonight. E-mail me at, and let me know. regards, Jerry
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Jerry Zeman

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