Old Walther's Switch Machines

I have a handful of 30 year-old Walther's switch machines - I think they may have been sold under the T-5 model number. I am changing over to the Tortise machines and have no use for the old Walther's units. Just wondering if people still use these units and if there'd be any point to offering them up on eBay.

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On 9/10/2007 10:17 AM eüphemism spake thus:

You can search eBay for "completed" auctions to see what actually sells and what doesn't. (I think you have to be a registered member to use this feature.) Use the "advanced search" link. Very handy to see what kinds of things actually sell, and what gets no bids.

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David Nebenzahl

Thanks for that info, stupid me always thought they should do that, I just didn't know they already DID it. Great, now at least another 6 hours tonight spent on EBay looking at stuff I might have wanted but didn't know about. ( well, it makes sense to me )

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the OTHER Mike

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