PFE under UP liscence?

Just reading the posts on the liscencing debate, and an interesting thought struck me.

I only have one UP consist running on my N scale transition-era layout (which primarily focuses on the ATSF). This consist is formed of a UP F3A (Kato), 8 Pacific Fruit Express reefers (Atlas) and a UP caboose (also Atlas). I was just wondering if PFE comes under UP liscencing, as the company was joined owned by the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific.

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Danny TB
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company was joined owned by the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific.< No but UP would probably tell you it is.

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Jon Miller

I don't think the Union Pacific ever owned any Pacific Fruit Express trademarks.

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Mark Mathu

But for most of it's life PFE cars carried both UP and SP heralds. UP claims rights to ALL predecessor roads heralds and trademarks so that would include SP as well. Their claim would cover the UPFE/SPFE era as well on those grounds.

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Mountain Goat

was joined owned by the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific.

There is no mention of PFE at the UP site logo licensing page

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then PFE never (I believe) had a distinct logo of its own. I suppose there could be a claim on some of the later elaborate PFE graphics on the mechanical cars, but it would be hard to claim any special right to the words Pacific and Fruit and Express in plain RR Roman font. It'd also be hard to claim "PFE" given that those initials are also, for example, Pfizer's symbol on the NYSE. Digressing a bit, it is interesting to note that UP does claim rights over the American Refrigerator Transit Co. logo. I understand that ART was to MoPac and Wabash what PFE was to UP and SP. Did the N&W give up its rights to ART when it merged with the Wabash? Geezer

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