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> I received the first Walthers empire Builder car for my Great Northern
> Empire Builder. Like most of Walthers passenger cars, it is ready to run
> except for the addition of number decals and grab irons. I find the
> addition of these grab irons to be quite tedious. I have more than 25 of
> these Walthers cars for various trians now and I generally like them except
> for doing these grab irons.
> Any way, I have a question. For the Empire Builder, what colors were the
> grab irons? In most pictures I have seen on the internet, the ones on the
> side of the car are unpainted rather than matching one of the colors on the
> car. The roof ones match the color of the roof.
> Chris
According to the colored pictures in D. Hickcox's book 'GN Color Guide
To Freight And Passenger Equipment' the grab irons appear to silver or
chrome in color except for the ones on the roof. Those grab irons are
the same color as the roof, pullman green.
Fred Ellis
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