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The "principle" is not the same as the safeworking rules that govern the operation of the system, which is what we were discussing. And in both systems there is provision for more than one train to occupy an automatic block, in certain specific locations and circumstances.
Quote a reliable reference that backs up claim.
Really. Quote a reliable reference that backs up claim.
Safeworking procedures - the "rules and regs" - are generally not designed by engineers. No "signal design engineering qualifications" are needed to understand and use a safeworking system. So even you should be capable of being qualified.
Current system user, employed very satisfactorily, thanks. And if the ability to perceive and understand the fundamental differences between safeworking procedures of various countries makes me an , then so be it.
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The delivery hoses to the injectors are between 4" and 6" in diameter, depending on the particular locomotive class - a simple fact. That's 1.14mm to 1.76mm diamater in HO. The train pipe hose is on average 3" in diameter. That's 0.88mm in HO. The independent brake hose is on average 2.5" in diameter. That's .75mm in HO.
The stock wires between the engine and tender on my Bachmann 2-8-0s are 0.65mm in diameter.
Bullshit your way out of that.
See above.
Bullshit. My Bachmann product has a fall plate, for starters... My RTR steamies from P2K have more, finer, and more accurate detail than Australian outline brass of the era that your 50 class originates from.
Where on the model? Thrown on the tender, or dragging under the wheels somewhere, 'cause it certainly isn't visible in the photo. Oh, that's right, more bullshit...
Safely away from your ham-fisted grasp.
Yeah, yeah, I saw the sick looking plastic cow on Werris Creek, and figured that it was a bit of your handiwork. You're a legend!
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