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If that's your idea of a problem being fixed, I'd be fascinated to know
> what you reckon a complete and utter fuck-up looks like.
Sort of a cross between Michael Dukakis and Alfred E.
Newman, but then, you've probably seen dozens of photos of
Shrub so why ask?
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Steve Caple
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Actually, rather like your post...
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Joe Ellis
When they can't answer pointed arguments and resort to strained attempts at making fun of someone's appearance, you know that even THEY know their viewpoints are unsupportable...
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Joe Ellis
When they can't answer points raised, and resort to strained attempts at making fun of someone's post, you know that even THEY know their viewpoints are unsupportable...
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Mark Newton
Sorry, Steve, I meant the continuing disaster in Iraq, not the continuing disaster in the White House...
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Mark Newton
Ah, but appearances are completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand, while the content... or lack thereof... of your post is quite germain.
Frankly, we're better off with Hussein and bin Laden just vanishing without a trace rather then being captured, imprisoned, potentially executed, and made symbolic martyrs. I'd be quite content if we never "found" them and they were never heard from again... and am beginning to suspect that's exactly the situation with bin Laden. Oh, al Qaida, is still around... in a much less effective form, and it'll be a while before they're completely ineffective... but they're been hammered hard and are hurting... desperate enough to turn on the Saudis.
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Joe Ellis
Lack of content??? The content of my post is as follows:
Your president is a drongo.
Your troops, and those of other nations, are still being killed.
You haven't found the WMD's the Iraqi's are alleged to have.
You haven't found and/or dealt with Sadaam Hussein.
You haven't found and/or dealt with Osama Bin Laden.
You haven't stopped terrorism.
And yet you claim that:
"As far as a finding a place where the problem can be fixed, that's exactly why we're where we are right now, and so far it seems to be working much better than even the most optomistic projections at the start."
You reckon that the current situation in Iraq shows that things are working?
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Mark Newton
My point: Most of the Iraqi chemical suits and gas masks were found with troops along the Tigris & Euphrates rivers, which is far away the most populated portion of Iraq.
The largest finds were in Nassirya (by far) and Baghdad, the two largest cities in Iraq and both easily reachable by Iranian arms. Iraqi troops had gas masks and suits because Iran has been a long-time enemy of Iraq, both Iraq & Iran have developed chemical weapons and weren't hesitant to use them on their enemies, and Iran has fired missles at Iraqi population centers during the last war. An Iranian chemical attack on heavily populated areas of Iraq was a possibility.
I asked no what-ifs. I'm not aware of any other find that comes remotely close to the thousands founds in Nassirya on March 24. News evidence seems very clear about that. (I've asked if anything larger was found anywhere else, and there were zero replies.)
Joe Ellis disagrees that the largest gas mask/suit finds were along the Tigris & Euphrates -- basically the location of most of the civillian population of Iraq. news:
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Mark Mathu

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