Removing Paint from a Bachmann Spectrum Model

Hi All,
I have purchased a Bachmann Spectrum 2-10-0 Decapod. It is lettered for the
Seaboard Air Line. I intend to reletter and renumber it for a specific DT&I
locomotive refitted at the Rouge Works by Ford Motor Company. I would like
to know the best way to remove the SAL lettering without damaging the black
paint underneath. Does anyone have any sure-fire ideas? I imagine it was
pad-printed after the base paint job was done.
Tim Bretz
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Tim Bretz
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Forget removing lettering.
Just mask around them, paint it black (similar to the original paint), then letter the model and then spray the entire model with Dullcote. Everything will blend right in.
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Peter W.
In the context of an HO Spectrum passenger car I once was told to use rubber cement thinner and a white pencil eraser. Worked OK. this is apparently unique to the pad printing paionts used by Bachmann's manufacturer in China, doesn't seem to work on anything else.
Jeff cornelius
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